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Integrity provides the following services to our clientele: 

  • Training Programs in Contingency Planning, Target Analysis, Crisis Management, Personal  Protection, Hostage Negotiations and Rescue, Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Competitive Intelligence, Asset Location and VIP Protection
  • Security System Design, Hardware Installation and Maintenance
  • Database System Development, Data Fusion and Data Sharing, Concept Development, Information Security Design, Installation, Evaluation and Acceptance
  • Technical Surveillance Equipment required for Audio, Sensors, Video Tracking, Photo and   Telephone Interception Operations (Government only)
  • Covert Surreptitious Entry Equipment, Training and Support (Government only)
  • Secure Electronic Document Management



Protection of our customer's assets begin with proper planning. Our three-tier approach of Evaluation, Execution and Maintenance allows for a thorough protection strategy void of gaps or shortfalls. This allows for proper definition of the threat and the assurance that the threat will be eliminated. Cultural, financial and operational parameters will drive the strategy and tactics to best meet protection objectives. A detailed proposal, equipment installation, training and system maintenance is all part of Integrity Investigative Services delivered solution.

The Integrity team has installed and maintained highly technical security systems within Fortune 500 Companies, Hospitals, Casinos, Office Buildings, and Ocean Going Vessels. We have designed and installed Card Access, Video Security/Surveillance, Personnel Identification Access Equipment and Anti Infant Abduction Systems to name a few. In this ever-changing fast moving arena of technology, Integrity Investigative Services maintains a well-recognized depth in our ability to support our client needs with the most advanced equipment available.



While the world understands the concept of industrial espionage in general terms, there is a large gap in the defensive mechanisms for such activities. The technology explosion of the past decade has vastly improved the tools of the espionage trade.  The ability to collect intellectual property information, plans and intentions, formulas and designs has been significantly enhanced. Further, the vulnerabilities of personnel to bribery and exploitation greatly diminish the effectiveness of that protection.  

We provide technical surveillance countermeasures and investigative support. We are prepared to defeat communication intercepts and to protect the information that must be moved despite these threats. A particularly important function in the support of counterintelligence is in-depth knowledge and capability in communications and computers. The ability of the intelligence and counterintelligence operatives to communicate in rural as well as urban environments is critical to the success of any mission.  We have years of tactical and strategic communications experience and expertise.  This capability ranges from individuals communicating in hazardous operational climates to linking a national communications system together via microwave, HF, VHF, satellite or landlines.  The computer technology that supports any firm also requires knowledge and expertise from the technical and security oriented point of view.  Since Integrity has integrated the best of all technologies together to provide its most effective services, it also relies heavily on its recognized specialists in computer security programs and equipment.



Protecting executives, VIP’s, property or information has become critical for the fast paced competitive global business environment of today. With the growing need to travel and the expansion of worldwide business activities, corporations are finding themselves in some dangerous places and more often than not, unprepared.  

Workplace violence, corporate espionage, terrorism, extortion, kidnapping and theft are just a few of the areas most commonly the cause of risk to people and assets. The changing times as a result of the attacks on America will continue to provide challenges to the business community.

Our Offering:

  • Large & Small Scale Protective Teams
  • Advanced Logistical Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Operations/Evacuations
  • Special Event Security



Background Screening made easy. For Employment, Tenant, or Due Dilligence needs, our  EZyCHECKtm   system was designed to make ordering and retrieving of confidential information simple. From Criminal to Civil court records to MVRs we have the data you need.  Experience how Fortune 500 companies to local churches have requested a wide variety of data to help make  business decisions.  With over two decades of experience automating this process, our experienced team makes using the PCI DSS certified secured system easy to use.  Please contact us for a full list of all the reports thats available and the Description of Searches.  From Instant searches to current up to the minute Court Record information, we will retieve information with the quickest possible methods available with a one stop Order Entry process.  View some of our available sample reports. 


The complexity of integrated security systems today almost always involves the use of computer systems and computer networks. Computer systems are used to provide databases for intelligence analysis, high-speed secure communications and the monitoring of external systems. Integrity offers significant development skills with computer systems running DOS, WINDOWS and OS/2 environments in various local area network configurations. 

Integrity provides computer system design and computer system development services for our clients with an emphasis on providing practical solution-oriented systems. Many of our systems feature a high degree of integration with existing systems, including PC/LAN to mainframe connectivity.



Government officials, corporate executives, managers or even family members not versed on foreign laws or a country's security status are placing themselves at an increased risk.  A few basic skills regarding personal security can greatly reduce their vulnerability. Integrity Investigative Services provides Overseas Security Services to any persons traveling frequently in executive or management positions or who may travel into volatile environments.
Foreign travel is subject to unique problems that carry specific risks such as common street and violent crime, medical emergencies, natural disasters or the threat of terrorism or military unrest.  They all present special security situations.  Security awareness training for an overseas environment is perhaps the most important aspect of executive and employee safety.  From the bombings of the embassies in Africa to the ongoing global kidnapping and hostage taking, personal awareness and knowledge of security risks is the single most productive activity that you can undertake.
From understanding how an adversary operates to daily intelligence gathering and threat recognition, security awareness training will provide the necessary skills to anyone tasked with traveling abroad.  The training is adaptive to suit corporate executives, managers, staff, security, or technical personnel.  We will develop the right program to fit your objectives.  

Our Offering:

  • Secure Planning
  • Protective Teams
  • Emergency Operations/Evacuations
  • Terrorism Preparedness



Secure planning is designed to ensure that personnel, infrastructure and materials are protected within a given location.  The first step in security development is the performance of a vulnerability analysis and threat assessment.  These tasks will allow Integrity Investigative Services a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the location in question.  Specific points of interest include: 

  • Security Procedures
  • Perimeter/Internal Security
  • System Security
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Internal/External Logistics
  • External Circumstances (terrorism, political unrest)
  • Evacuation Protocols  

The Integrity Investigative Services team will perform the above all points analysis and provide a detailed report citing our findings and recommendations.  Upon review, Integrity Investigative Services will discuss the scope of the recommendations and will provide a written proposal detailing how we would design, develop and implement the security system enhancements.



Certain high profile and government personnel require added protection while traveling.  Threats of kidnapping and hostage taking are becoming increasingly more prevalent in today’s society.  Integrity Investigative Services is versed in close personal protection and is capable of being on the ground, with a protective detail, on short notice.  All parameters required to ensure the safety of the principal are accounted for and in place.  Logistics, entry/exit control, personnel clearance, bomb detection, criminal actions and even the weather are all part of our execution strategy.
Integrity Investigative Services can provide small (1-10) or large (10+) protective teams.  Larger teams are broken out into specific areas or disciplines.  These teams operate independently and report to one Detail Leader.  Often, the teams are set up as follows:

  • Advance Team: Advance officers coordinate all security matters and logistics for each site to be visited.  Advance officers will assist the escort team during mobile operations. 
  • Escort Team: Responsible for the close-in protection of the principal during all movements.  Escort teams use various placement of personnel based on situational analysis. 
  • Residential Team: Responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment is maintained at the principal’s residence (permanent or temporary).  The residence will act as the Security Command Post during the life of the detail.



Circumstance may dictate the evacuation of some or all personnel from your location.  These circumstances may include fire, inclement weather, disease epidemic or civil unrest.  Integrity Investigative Services has extensive experience in the safe relocation of personnel and property.  Our initial vulnerability and threat analysis will provide the foundation of our strategy and basis for our plan.  The plan will be broken down into four distinct operation phases.
Phase I –  Alert:  Warning is given of an impending or potential emergency threat.  Evacuation plans are reviewed, situation monitoring is 
                initiated and Safe Haven locations are placed on stand-by.
Phase II –  Limited Action:  Occurs when a threat situation has been substantiated and the conditions indicate that the threat has
a high 
degree of probability of affecting the host country and your location.  Increased evacuation preparations are made, including the
                 partial evacuation of nonessential personnel and family.  Integrity Investigative Services Response Team is alerted and prepared
                 to deploy.
Phase III – Evacuation:  Complete evacuation of all personnel and the cessation of all business activity.  Integrity Investigative Services will
                 deploy their response team to aid in the facilitation of the evacuation.
Phase IV – Stand Fast:  When event developments preclude evacuation or it is not considered prudent.  Integrity Investigative Services will
                  initiate defensive measures and begin extraction plan.  Established Safe Haven locations will be notified of our imminent arrival.



Increasing acts of terrorism have driven the need to establish protocols specifically against the threat of terror.  Integrity Investigative Services offers procedural enhancements and training to reduce vulnerability.  An initial review of the adversary’s capabilities, target attractiveness and vulnerability security analysis will determine your risk level.  We review 25 key factors ensuring an accurate and thorough assessment.  A few of these factors are:

  • Terror Organization(s) Identification
  • Recruitment Strategy and Tactics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Group Size, Training and Skills
  • Motivation
  • Timing
  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Location of Area Being Protected
  • Security Enhancement
  • Evacuation Strategy

Integrity Investigative Services provides detailed training programs on vigilance/awareness and countermeasures.  Our on site training will allow for a continuous, evolving anti-terror program that reaches not only security professionals, but all on-site personnel.  The bulk of training is comprised of visual observations and logistical awareness.  Physical inspection training is reserved for security personnel.


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